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Upload large numbers of photos and videos to Flickr in one operation with this simple, easy-to-use application that can also create albums automatically Flickr is a very popular web hosting service used by many people to store photos and videos, as well as share them with others. However, it is not particularly easy to uploadRead More

Can FlickrUploader work on Mac?

Not yet at the moment, we’ll have it very soon.

Will FlickrUploader re-upload an existing file?

If you put it on the same folder, FlickrUploader will not upload again. For example: If you have a file in Family\myson.jpg  , and you have another folder named  MySister\Family\myson.jpg  => When uploading, Flickr will create a new Album Family , and only 1 file myson.jpg will be uploaded. Another case: If you have aRead More

What file types that FlickrUploader will upload ?

FlickrUpload only uploads the following file extensions “jpg”,”png”,”gif”,”mov”,”jpeg”

Does FlickrUploader upload entire folder?

Yes, it does. It upload the entire selected folder, including sub folders. Your folder name will be the album title , filename will be the photo title.