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What is FlickrUploader?

FlickrUploader is a desktop tool lets you automatically back up all your images and videos from your computer’s hard drive, storing the content safely in and freeing up space on your PC in the process. All the uploads are private unless you choose to share them via the site

Why FlickrUploader?

The desktop Flickr Auto-Uploadr tool is now reserved only for Pro users. That means there’s no easy way to upload big batches of photos all at once, into the same place, unless you’re a Pro member.

What People Say

Works great. I've been using this app on and off for a couple of years. The program automatically use folder name as the album name and filename as the photo titile. Very stable and reliable. Other apps I've tried seem to be more flash and glamour, rather than functionality. This is the best Flickr uploading app I've been able to find and want to use.